Welcome to the world of ROCKER DELUXE!

Joe Murray and Joe  Almondo have gotten together and recorded some new material, staying true to their Classic Rock roots!

While we're under construction, we're going to start things off with the first 4 songs

of an 8 song CD titled "One Way Ride"!

Warning:  May cause toe to tap

As the site grows there will be info, email, pics, 4 more songs, plus bonus tracks!

Recorded/Produced @ MAGICAL MYSTERY LAB

MAGICAL MYSTERY LAB is operated by Joe Murray and Joe Almondo and uses:

Pearl  Zyldjian  Yamaha  Roland  Sony  Teac  Fostex  Aphex 

MXL  Shure  Sennheiser  Kramer  Ibanez  Fender  Marshall

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